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Zuia = “Prevent” in Kiswahili

Zuia Trafficking means to Prevent Trafficking
We are prepared to stop human trafficking in Tanzania
With your help, we will end violence against women and children in Tanzania

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Neema's Story

Provide training for one local girl and reduce her chances of being trafficked.


Neema (name changed) was recruited from the village to work as a house girl. Her father lied about how old she was and said she was 13, even though she was closer to 10. She worked hard for months looking after three children. She was treated well but she was only 10 years old and missing out on crucial lessons for her future. Neema’s father insisted all her salary be sent home to him. He needed the money and had made a decision about the best use of his daughter’s life. The family Neema worked for challenged this, but her father refused to listen. She continued to work cleaning, cooking, and keeping the house running, instead of going to school.

She was trafficked by her own parents.

They could not understand the concept of trafficking but they were doing it. Neema’s story is painfully typical in Tanzania.

99% of people who are trafficked are never found.

Together, we can prevent this story from happening to more families. Through education, awareness of human trafficking signs, and entrepreneurship, Neema’s story will become less common. The People of Tanzania are Still At Risk

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