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“Be sure you make a difference in the world.” 
- Henri Nouwen

You can give financially from anywhere in the world. Be a part of preventing human trafficking in Tanzania. Your gift will allow the current staff and local staff partners to devote their time to Tanzanian locals in need of entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, and abuse education. For US donations, you will need to state that your donation is for Zuia Trafficking.

In Person

Join us in person to make a difference in the lives of the Tanzanian people. Fill out this simple form so we can hear more about the ways you can volunteer with us to prevent trafficking.


Ready to hear more about how we are working with others in Tanzania to solve big problems in practical ways?  We plan to keep you updated once every few months with highlights and ways to help.


Donate to our mission. When you give financially to Zuia, you are allowing the commitment of work in Tanzania to continue.


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