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Our Story

We imagine a community free from abuse. With your help, we can end violence against women and children in Tanzania. Our foundational program of education, trafficking awareness, and entrepreneurship creates a different story for families at higher risk of becoming victims to human trafficking. Simple programs bring abundant change in individual lives. We choose what we want to change. You can help us change lives in Tanzania for the better.


Imagine all that will happen within families when you partner with us. Vulnerable areas will be transformed and unhelpful social patterns will be blocked. Individuals and families can flourish, as they stand with dignity. Now, imagine the despair and generational scars of trafficking if we do nothing. That is not an option for us, and it doesn’t have to be an option for you.


All of us want a chance to be our best.
We can work toward a quality future together.
Our Staff
Board Members

Our Staff

Board Members

Through education, awareness of human trafficking signs, and entrepreneurship, trafficking will become less common.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Together, we can prevent human trafficking from happening to the most vulnerable. We use an integrated approach that focuses on building social and economic capacity for those at risk of becoming trafficking victims.


Our Vision

Ultimately, that each Tanzanian person will be better equipped to make wise choices so their family can live safely and progress for generations to come.

We Need Your Support Today!

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