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Human Trafficking is a Worldwide Problem

One hundred years after the abolishment of slavery, there are more slaves in the world than ever before.

This is the reality of human trafficking. 

The facts

This is the reality of human trafficking. A human being ought NOT be for sale anywhere in the world.
Our Mission

Our Response

In Tanzania, the most important parts of life are relationships, community, and peace. The local community will go out of their way to protect these highly valued principles. The Tanzanian people value peace and community so highly that in incidents of abuse it will often remain unreported as victims and their families try to hide the shame.


Violence and abuse are a raging crisis in the country, even though the opposite are the highest cultural values. A staggering 25% of girls and a 10% of boys experience sexual violence before they turn 18.


It is well known that human trafficking and modern day slavery is a continuing problem. According to the US State Department, Tanzania identified 165 victims in 2020, which is a disturbing increase from 2018 when 13 victims were reported. Many cases go unreported because of shame and community pressures; the assumed number is even higher than 165 victims in 2020.


Such a dramatic increase in victims is tragic, and one we believe must be stopped.


We use an integrated approach that focuses on building social and economic capacity for those at risk of becoming trafficking victims. Simple programs bring abundant change in individual lives. Here’s how we structure our program:


  • Helping locals recognize the signs of trafficking

  • Create awareness of human trafficking

  • Teach life skills

  • Train willing participants with entrepreneurial techniques


Ultimately, each person will be better equipped to make wise choices so their family can live safely and progress for generations to come.

Image by Toby Wong
Image by Hu Chen

A Global Problem Demands a Global Response... Make the Story of Tanzania Part of Your Story

Together, we can prevent human trafficking from happening to the most vulnerable.


99% of people who are trafficked are never found.


It is messy. It needs more than one answer. With the partnership and wisdom of local leaders, we have developed a holistic program emphasizing education, awareness of the signs of trafficking, and development in entrepreneurship. A person’s vulnerability drastically increases when they are vulnerable in other areas, such as: economically, mentally, socially, or emotionally.

Our holistic and integrated response looks at the whole person to decrease their vulnerability.


Education brings about awareness of personal harm done to victims and their families.  Education creates choices by teaching the signs and dangers of trafficking.

Education empowers each person to create a new standard of living through honest work. Education can prevent and eradicate human trafficking and long term violence against women and children.


We know what helps to guide a young person safely into adulthood. So, we create safe spaces in which young and old can learn together. Essential life skills about human trafficking we will cover:

  • How to spot the signs of a groomer in person or online

  • The typical signs of abuse 

  • Simple safeguarding measures 

  • How to set important life goals 

  • Healthy relationships 

  • Who to contact if they ever need to call for help



Entrepreneurship creates income. Entrepreneurship sustains. Entrepreneurship empowers and develops. In Tanzania , the majority of people are by-default entrepreneurs, they run small businesses with a capital as small as $5. Yet, an immense minority of local entrepreneurs ever receive formal training to build their capacity and increase the effectiveness of their small businesses.


Through our entrepreneurial seminars, we give comprehensive training on:

  • Developing a business idea

  • Studying your market

  • Managing your finances

  • Business strategy, planning and implementation

The knowledge is there, the human potential is there, the rights are there, the laws there - it needs to be made a reality. With your help, we will end violence against women and children in Tanzania.
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